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Dedy Rochendi

MEDIA CHANNELBALI  ( is present in a fast paced era of globalization, where information is the main menu for people who are ‘thirsty’ for the latest and good news.

MEDIA CHANNEL BALI is a member of the Indonesian Media Online Association, Deed of Establishment Number: 49 Notary H. Zainuddin, SH and Decree of the Minister of Law and Human Rights of the Republic of Indonesia : AHU-0016686.AH.01.07.Year 2017

Presenting news information that is easily accessible to various groups, with a super cheap cost, simply by using “smartphone” or cellular phone supported by a variety of great and practical applications

MEDIA CHANNEL BALI is the answer for those of you who need important information, now appearing with The Local News, Domestic News, International News & Economic News

Therefore, it is necessary to always get the full support of all MEDIA CHANNEL BALI loyal readers so that this online media can continue to grow, both in terms of appearance and quality of the news, so that it can participate in maintaining the integrity and glory of the Republic of Indonesia and blessing all nations.

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Tjandra Setiadji, SH, MH
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