IMF Help All Member Countries Combating Covid-19

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CHANNELBALI Washington DC | IMF global policy tracker to help our member countries be more aware of the experiences of others in combating COVID-19. The tracker covering 186 countries and territories focuses on discretionary actions that supplement existing social safety nets and insurance mechanisms, and summarizes key economic responses governments are taking to limit the impact of the pandemic. It is perhaps the most comprehensive collection of policy insight on this topic in the world.

In addition, jointly with the World Bank Group, we have called for all official bilateral creditors to suspend debt payments from the world’s 76 poorest countries and enable them to redirect funds towards confronting the economic fallout from the pandemic.

Finally, following an extraordinary G20 Leaders’ Summit conference call yesterday, Managing Director Kristalina Georgieva focused on the critical need for targeted fiscal support to vulnerable households and to large and small businesses, the importance of supporting emerging market and developing economies to overcome the brunt of the crisis, and how we must act at par with the magnitude of the challenge.

Next week, we will explore the economic impact of COVID-19 on Europe stay tuned.

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