Chairman of Covid-19 Dewa Indra Updates Information For All People in Bali

CHANNELBALI Denpasar | On behalf of the Government of Bali Province, Chairman of Covid-19 Countermeasure Task Force, Dewa Made Indra inform the updates Sunday (22/3) in his press conference taken place in Communication, Information and Statistics Office of Bali Province.

Up today, Covid-19 suspects are 96, including one additional suspect who recently reported and now taken care in the hospital (1 foreigner and 0 local). 73 of 96 tested samples results 70 people are negative and 3 positive (2 are died).

Meanwhile 23 samples are waiting to be laboratory confirmed. In addition to Covid-19 cases updated, Task Force Chairman explains the Countermeasures Efforts as well. It has been decided, started from today, Sunday (22/3) the Indonesian Migrant Workers from confirmed Covid-10 cases countries are in quarantine.

The quarantines are located in UPTD. Public Service for Community Health under the Health Office of Bali Province management and Human Resources Empowerment Office of Bali Province.

This evening, Bali migrants will arrive in Ngurah Rai airport, and the Government of Bali Province with Port Health Officers, Police Department, Military, and related authorites will welcome the migrants, followed with examination by Port Health Officers on health certificate brought from the foreign countries. After the examination, they will be taken to the quarantine by Sarbagita bus.

Related to migrants quarantine process, the Government of Bali Province asks understanding and supports from their families to follow the rules by not do visiting in order the quarantine goes well and proper. Moreover, the Government of Bali Province asks support from the Government of Regencies/ city in Bali to educate the community as the efforts to counter the spread of Covid-19.

In accordance with the policy of the Central Government, the Government of Bali Province will soon apply screening test based on priority and will be located in the Military hospital that the mentioned hospital has done some preparation.

To optimize laboratory tests for Covid-19, the Public Hospital of Sanglah has done some preparations to be able to do the test proper and accurately.

To counter the virus spread, the Government of Bali has instructed all hospitals, both private and public hospitals in Bali, to close visit hours and limit patients visitors. In accordance with questions on social media, the Task Force Chairman explains as follows

The Governor of Bali has announced some instructions on restriction to melasti (purifying) or other ceremonies that engage crowds.

The society’s understanding and supports are extremely advised to counter the Covid-19 spread.

To answer lacking of health human resources, the Public Hospital of Sanglah has worked together with the Medical Faculty of Udayana and other Universities to support Sanglah with health human resources to handle patients.

On health and Self Protection Equipments, the Government of Bali Province has done some coordinations with all hospitals in Bali to fullfil the needs as well as asks supports from the Central Government. However the equipments are very scarce and other provinces in Indonesia are in need of those essential equipments.

On Covid-19 spread map, case in Bali is different from other provinces where there is local transmissions of virus spreads, the suspects data in Bali reveals most of them are foreigners that Task Force team cannot determine the territorial points.

On the closing of some places, it clearly has followed the Governor of Bali instructions to close entertained places. It becomes Regents and Mayor to manage their territory.

Covid-19 is a disaster with all resulted activities are not financially planned by the Government of Bali Province. However in every Regional Income and Expense Allocation in 2020, it has been allocated Contingency Expense 15 Billions Rupiahs. Based on the regulations, the Government of Bali to counter this case will use the allocation. If it is unsufficient and situation is becoming emergency, the Bali Government will do reschedule, prioritize Covid-19 case and even eliminate other activities.

The Government strongly advise the public to keep calm, follow the rules for social distancing and not sharing hoax news which can make sutuation worsening.

“Let’s stay together, work hand in hand to do efforts in countering the spread of Covid-19 so this disaster will be over soon”, said Dewa Indra. (ChannelPress)

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