Mason Adventures Elephant Park Receives Gold Elephant Camp Accreditation

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CHANNELBALI Ubud | Asian Captive Elephant Standards (ACES) have awarded Mason Adventures Elephant Park with Gold level accreditation. Mason Adventures has exceeded elephant camp standards and fulfilled over 90% of ACES strict advanced camp criteria, Ubud 20/11/2019

They have reached the highest level of accreditation possible for an elephant camp. Mason Adventures are the first elephant camp to be awarded accreditation by ACES and comes after an intensive assessment and auditing process.

Director of ACES Mr. Nicolas Dubrocard says “Mason Adventures is an exceptional example of elephant-based tourism. All elephants are well socialised, provided with strong enrichment opportunities and receive the best veterinary available.We are proud of all the hard work the team at Mason Adventures have invested into their camp and elephants”

The Gold level is very much deserved”. Mr. Dubrocard will travel to Bali on 20 November 2019 for a press conference and handover ceremony with Mason Adventures to award them with their camp validation.

ACES assess elephant camps throughout southeast Asia to provide the highest level of elephant welfare for all elephants working in the tourism industry. Elephant camps must meet all 119 mandatory criteria to pass, and complete further standards for higher validation.

ACES scrutinises all areas of camp management including elephant shelters, diet, veterinary care, socialisation, feeding, riding, physical and mental enrichment, staff training and entitlements and many other facets of camp care.

Head of Bank Indonesia Bali Trisno Nugroho

To Media Channelbali.com Wednesday, 20 November 2019, Head of Bank Indonesia Bali Trisno Nugroho said, Mason Elphant Park in Ubud, could increase tourist visits from all over the world to Bali, so can improve the economy of Bali, “said Trisno.(ChannelPress)

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